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Solution for extinguishing water containment & storage

Extinguishing water is a highly contaminated material that requires special care in its disposal.

Fire water contains materials that are present in the building and also contains dissolved and particulate materials from combustion processes and materials generated by the extinguishing process. Fire water can therefore be particularly polluting and dangerous if the building or site being extinguished contains potentially polluting materials such as pesticides, organic and inorganic chemical reagents, fertilisers, building contents, etc.

The release of contaminated fire fighting water into a river or other water source has serious consequences for the environment and our drinking water. The management of fire fighting water often requires that the water is collected on site and then removed for specialised treatment.

A recognisable technique is the holding back of fire water in the drainage system using inflatable plugs (also known as sewer plugs) that can be activated automatically or manually.

The holding back of fire water is one of the many environmental factors that form an essential part of any company's environmental policy with regard to ISO14001 accreditation.

The water trapped in the drains is transferred to storage tanks awaiting treatment.

Key benefits of inflatable conduit plugs

• No civil engineering or major works required

• Robust and durable

• Quick installation

• Optional bypass through the bellows

•  Standard diameters from 100 to 1500mm

• Excellent resistance to back pressure and
   chemical resistance

• Broad chemical compatibility


 OPAP Section 30

Main advantages of flexible tanks

• Low investment

• No building permit

• No civil engineering

• Low maintenance

• Simple and quick to implement

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