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TKB Linear Rail Bearing

Designed for high speed appliactions requiring high precision
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Tolomatic b=8,5 h=1,8 150dpi

TKB Precision Linear Stages offer a dual profile rail with a wide, low profile base ideal for XY & XYZ systems

TKB Precision Linear Stages are designed for applications carrying moderate load and requiring high precision in parameters such as flatness, straightness and accuracy. XY or XYZ tables/stages can easily be created using the TKB Precision Linear Stages with faster speed than screw drive tables/stages.

Two parallel profiled rails with four recirculating ball linear guides provide consistent and precise performance to the TKB Precision Linear Stages. Built-to-order in 5 days in any stroke increment up to 3500mm.

TKB Pic 38


• 4 Compact actuators with corresponding belt sizes.

• System payloads ranging from 445 to 3335N

• Strokes in any incremental length up to 2500mm


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