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MXB Profiled Rail Bearing

Designed to outlast every rodless actuator on the market
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MXB heavy duty linear actuator

The MXB electric belt driven actuator is designed to outlast every rodless actuator on the market.

The MXB belt driven actuators set a new standard for durability.
Built with Endurance Technology materials, MXB belt driven actuators are available with 2 different carriers

1) The MXB-P profiled rail offers high load and bending moment capacities in a low profile package.


MXB-P Pic 36

2) The MXB-U is designed for applications where loads are externally guided and supported.

 MXB-U Pic 36

Features of the MXB belt driven actuators

• High speed and acceleration capabilities (up to 1200 in/sec2)

• 6 body sizes accommodate a wide range of forces and loads

• Polyurethane belt with steel members resists stretching

• Excellent repeatability, high duty cycle performance

• Choose MXB belt drive for longer strokes than screw drive actuators

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