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GSA Guided Srew Actuator

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GSA/GSM Linear Slides combine an Electric Rod Actuator with guide rods, mounting blocks and bearings.

A complete selection of sizes, options and system components are available. The GSA/GSM Linear Slide Actuator offers high performance, dependability and mounting flexibility for pivotal applications.

• 4 US Standard and metric body sizes

• Thrust capacities range from 70 to 950 lbf

• Wide tooling plate for end effector mounting

• Strokes in any incremental length up to 36 inches depending on body size

• Standard or oversized guide rod diameter for increased rigidity and lower deflection

• Choice of linear ball or composite bearings with internal lubrication of guide rods for increased bearing life
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Good resistance to side loading

• Flexible mounting for pivotal applications.

• Wide tooling plate for ens effector mounting

• Cost-effective choice for short stroke, high thrust applications where external guidance is required

Actuator/motor Factors:

• Actuator's operating temperature range  4-54°C should take into consideration heat generated by
   the motor and drive, linear velocity and work cycle time.

• For large frame motors or small actuators, cantilevered motors need to be supported , if subjected to
   continuous rapid reversing duty and/or under dynamic conditions.

• Rod screw actuators are designed to push guided and supported loads and are not meant for applications
   that require substantial side loading.

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