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ICR all-in-one Electrical Actuator

ICR is a combination of a controller, driver, motor & actuator
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The ICR Smart Actuator is a controller, drive and servo motor integrated into one compact and durable electric actuator. The result: reliable, affordable power that is remarkably easy-to-use. Reverse-parallel motor orientation now available.
The ICR Smart Actuators are intelligent actuators that come in two motion control packages:

The ICR Smart Actuator BASIC for simple extend and retract operation and the ICR Smart Actuator PLUS with indexer programming and network communication capabilities.
Both ICR Smart Actuator BASIC and ICR Smart Actuator PLUS are intelligent actuators that offer:

 IRC SmartActuator 67


• 100% duty cycle for continuous operation

• 24 Vdc opto-isolated inputs, NPN or PNP

• Aluminum motor enclosure

• Lightweight aluminum body

• Servo Motor

• High thrust bearing

• Ball screw technology

• Internal bumper

• Anti-rotate bearing

• Rod wiper

• Threaded rod end

• Flexible mounting

• IP65 option for protection against water and dust ingress


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